Vancouver, Interrotron for TV Commercial


The actor converses directly with the director. The director has a conversation with the actor and the actor speaks down the barrel of the lens so that you get a conversational feeling from the actor instead of a person simply reading lines from a teleprompter in front of them.

As a side note, If you also want to run teleprompter lines it is a very quick flip of a switch to put teleprompter lines on the actors screen.

Recently, this was used to great success with a corporate client who captured ten interviews from employees across two days at their in-house studio. The conversations became very personal. A few of the employees shared very emotional stories on camera all while conversing with the director, one on one.

Interrotron for non-actors

Let us build and maintain the Interrotron for you on set. If you want to shoot a commercial and you want the owner or an employee to tell a story directly to camera? The Interrotron is the way to go. Get non-actors to talk directly down the camera barrel in a very honest & friendly way.

Instead of reading lines or seeing a camera lens, they see the video image of the director in a one on one conversation.

Interrotron for politicians

Yet another use of the Interrotron. Have a list of questions to ask the politician. The politician reacts directly to the lens, but instead of seeing the lens they see the person interviewing them. Subtle facial reactions from the person being interviewed will be captured.

Use the Interrotron to interact with children

Children love to interact with people. The Interrotron will allow them to virtually play with the director through the Interrotron. Amazing footage is captured with children, never mind the efficiency of using the Interrotron. Even toddlers have been directed to greatness with the Interrotron.