Film and Television Production Teleprompting

John Asbacher IATSE ICG 669 667 Member

ICG 669 Teleprompter Operator

John Asbacher owner and operator of Inform Productions is an International Cinematographers Guild 669 member with the classification of Teleprompter Operator within the Camera Department. John Asbacher has also worked on jobs in Eastern Canada with IATSE / ICG 667 on several shows including the entire production run of “The End is Nye”, starring Bill Nye.

Types of Productions that have used Inform Productions Teleprompter Services

  • Live satellite truck up-link hits
  • Media Junkets, multi-mode feeds to teleprompter screen ability in real-time
  • Training videos
  • Movie Features
  • TV Series
  • EPK’s
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Government announcements
  • Political party commercials
  • Presidential prompter and camera mount units used as props for TV Series and Features

Partial List of Clients:

Circle Productions, Taxi Agency, Means Of Production, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Warner Brothers, Disney, Apple Studios, APTN, ABC, BCTV, CBC, CCTV, CNN, CTV, Global, NBC, NFB, Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Bell, Neil deGrasse Tyson, James Burke, Bill Nye, Hillary Clinton, Peter Jennings, Prime Minister’s Office (1994 – 2022), North American Indigenous Games, David Suzuki, Robert Pattinson, Stargate, EPK’s, Features and MOW’s…

Quick notes of some Service Snippets provided on set

  • Organize script blocks for easy reading
  • Organize script blocks for instant retrieval
  • Provide feedback to script supervisor on set
  • Several teleprompter configurations available which allow for quick setups adjustments for the shot at hand.
  • Audio feed provided by sound engineer allows teleprompt operator to be set up in a easily accessible location for the director and script supervisor.
  • Scrolling can be done while last makeup touches are done, allowing for positive reinforcement of lines before camera rolls.