Film and Television Production Teleprompting

Live satellite up-link hits, Training videos, Commercials, Documentaries, Government announcements, Presidential prompter & camera mount use as props for movies

Partial List of Clients:
APTN, ABC, BCTV, CBC, CCTV, CNN, CTV, Global, NBC, NFB, Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Bell, Neil deGrasse Tyson, James Burke, Bill Nye, Hillary Clinton, Peter Jennings, Prime Minister’s Office (1994 – 2021), North American Indigenous Games, David Suzuki, VANOC, Robert Pattinson, Stargate, EPK’s and MOW’s…

  • Organize script blocks for easy reading
  • Organize script blocks for instant retrieval
  • Provide feedback to script supervisor on set
  • Several teleprompter configurations available which allow for very quick adjustments for the shot at hand.
  • Audio feed provided by sound engineer allows teleprompt operator to be set up in a easily accessible location for the director and script supervisor.
  • Scrolling can be done while last makeup touches are done, allowing for positive reinforcement of lines before camera rolls.