My name is John Asbacher and I have been providing teleprompting services in Vancouver, BC and beyond, for the past thirty years. Chances are I have worked with your organization in some capacity over the years.

Fast, Reliable, Courteous, Professional:

Please keep my company and I on file for when you do need teleprompting services.

For Corporate Events:

Meticulous management of scripts and how they flow from presenter to presenter.

For Camera Shoots:

I provide everything needed and I integrate on location with all camera systems. There is no need for anything extra to do with teleprompting equipment or services if you hire me.
Easy on location editing of script, easy management of multiple versions. Meticulous management of scripts letting the director or script supervisor know that words have been skipped or lines that have been misread.
Interrotron units are also available, with operator, and also with custom addons for your specific needs.