Graphics for Video Production

Live to air graphics design and operation

Whether you need a show open or a template for lower thirds, Inform Productions has the experience to fulfill your needs.


We can work with your DV, BetacamSP and SVHS footage

Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere provides the basic set of tools for TV Graphics design at Inform Productions.

Guaranteed best Hardware or Software based Chromakeying available for DV. You won't believe the edges!

  • We do not advise people to shoot bluescreen with DV, but in some circumstances it is the only suitable solution. PLEASE try to get a knowledgeable person on set when you shoot your bluescreen shots



Edit bay features

  • Chromakey Extraction. Sequential still images, Avid, QT or Microsoft .avi's can be saved and sent to you.

  • Real time Colour Correction, or colourization, depending on what you need done.

  • Video to Film “look”. Depending on your requirements there are an assortment of options.

  • Motion Stabilization.

  • 1% to infinite speed control

  • Native 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio editing and compositing

  • 2 x 21” flat monitors to work with

  • Software and Hardware, WFM & Vectorscopes

  • 100BaseT full duplex network + ADSL hookup



Creating the right graphics for your video is important. Sometimes having a 3rd party such as Inform Productions create the graphics for your edit sessions can save you time and money.