Video Production

Advertising, Promotional, Instructional, Training

We will work with you to develop your concepts into the appropriate media to best suit your business needs.



Inform Productions uses only professionally trained, impartial, polite and tactful videographers, with experience in video deposition protocol.We are available on short noticeand guarantee a quality product, delivered to you in a timely manner.


Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Forums, Conventions, Parties

Inform Productions specialize in meeting all your video needs at your corporate event. Detailed initial consulatation with our clients ensures:

•  A comprehensive range of services to best suit your needs

•  Professional coverage of your event with no supervision required. We do our job so you can do yours.

•  All footage will be edited in a timely manner to meet your deadlines.

•  We manage all duplication and distribution of materials if needed.


Video (VHS) and Seven additional Formats

VHS (video) is the most popular method utilized by organizations to distribute event content to a wider audience. Custom lengths of tapes are available to help reduce costs. Custom designed tape cases, available in a variety of colors with a choice of finishes, will provide a professional look for your finished product.



Inform Productions understands the critical steps necessary to ensure the best video graphic results of your event. We specialize in pre-production, production, editing and duplication. We shoot for the edit.


Comprehensive Overview of the stages of a video production

Some people may find this set of information useful in helping themselves to think or plan what video coverage should be used at the next event.

At the conclusion of your event, all editing and duplication needs are met. You service the events. We collect, record and polish the content.
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