Back to the Windows directory structure. We need to create a new set of output directories. Here I've created one called 1600 (for 1600 pixels wide) and within this 1600 directory a left and right directory.
Inside Stereo Photo Maker, go to "Multi Conversion" this is found under >File >Multi Conversion. You will only need to go to this one dialog, but it has a lot of finnicky settings within it.
In depth help can be found within SPM for Multi Conversion >Help >MENU >File >Multi Conversion (most of the help found here is for other types of conversion)
Look in: find the L directory here it's "Z:\STEREO\2007_04_18-25_FLORIDA\stereo\L".
The renamed files should be found here.
Input File Type (Stereo) This must be set to Independent L/R (this will also activate the next line)
Right Image Folder This MUST be selected. "Z:\STEREO\2007_04_18-25_FLORIDA\stereo\R" Here you can see the full path, ensure it is to the "R" directory.
Output File Type (Stereo) Independent L/R of the JPG variety. PNG is probably a better selection. I stayed with JPG just for simplicity.
Adjust Auto Alignment (ON) no need to go into "auto alignment settings"
Auto Crop after Adjustment (ON)
Resize Width 1600 x Height 1200 is very reasonable.
Output Folder "Z:\STEREO\2007_04_18-25_FLORIDA\1600" Here we select the directory we just created in the step before. The output files will all be put into this directory. Unfortuneatly, the Left and Right images will all be mixxed up into one directory. We will need to sort this again with windows Search in the next two steps.
click on "Convert All Files"
Confirm that this is what you want to do. Click "Yes"
Depending on how many images you are converting, how large the files are, and how fast your computer is, this may take some time, anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours. My machine a 3Ghz P4, working on 121 stereo pairs at a resolution of about 2100x1500 took 46 minutes.
Here is the view of the output folder. View by Details and sort by Name, you can see on the right that all the images were resized to 1600 x "something" This number is different on every picture because Stereo Photo Maker's adjustments for image alignment. Don't worry about these different sizes.
Sorting: In the Z:\STEREO\2007_04_18-25_FLORIDA\1600 Directory click on Search. We want to find the Right or the Left images. With the word florida in every file we can't just search for r or l, we need to search for _l or _r the two character sequence just before .jpg
All or part of the file name: (underscore r) _r
Select every file that Search finds on the right hand side (You can use CTRL-A to select all) and move them into the still empty right directory, found within the 1600 directory.
Do the same, finding _l and move those into the left directory, within the 1600 directory.
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